Our Fees

ARMI Finance doesn't charge you a fee or cost you anything for most loans. Rather than the banks employ hundreds of mortgage specialist to meet demands, they pay us a fee. We are paid by the banks for introducing the loan to them and in turn they pay us a commission. But this does not affect your loan or interest rate in any shape or form and we do not charge you for seeing us or for doing the hard work for you. In fact, we will negotiate a competitive loan for you as we have access to over 25 lenders in the panel, saving you more!

What is a Clawback

There are some circumstances when we charge a fee to our client. This is called a "Clawback". A clawback is a fee charged by the lender to the mortgage broker if the loan is refinanced or paid off within the first 2 years of settlement because the lender consider this as "unprofitable". ARMI Finance will only charge the amount the lender charge us. We make this clear upfront when you talk to us and it is included in the written contract.

Fees for other services

There are other fees that apply to our financing services and this applies to our Personal Loan. Loan commencement fees that apply to your Personal Loan include:

1. A credit assistance fee, payable to ARMI Finance for assisting with your loan; and
2. A Risk Assurance Charge personalised based on your credit history, payable to the Provision Fund.

Importantly, these fees and charges are added to your requested loan amount, so the effect of these fees is included in the monthly repayment amount and comparison rate you are displayed when you receive a estimate.

In some cases, the establishment fees can range up to $800 and depending on the lender, some early termination fees include $175.00 if your loan is repaid in first 6 months (or) $120.00 if your loan is repaid between 6 and 12 months. No Early Termination Fee applicable after 12 months.

You can read more in our Personal Loan FAQ

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